Availability of a gymnasium is one of the common amenity in a luxury apartment living. But your gym etiquette could make the wrong impression to your apartment neighbors, potential friends and even the management team. Given below are some tips so you  can make a good impression in your apartment community’s fitness center.


1. Dress appropriately

Workout clothes should be worn, not flip-flops or bathing suits. You never know who you’ll meet in your gym—a potential employer, a future date, or simply a new friend. It’s always beneficial to make a good impression, even when working out. Ripped or dirty clothes tell something about you, as does wearing something too revealing, provocative or downright offensive.

2. Leave Work Behind

You’ll want to be friendly at the gym, but the less you talk about work at the gym, the better. Most people go to the gym with one of two things in mind: getting a good workout, or decompressing from a stressful day. You certainly don’t want to be the one to wreck someone’s fitness regime or their chance at a little peace of mind.

3. Be Mindful of Conversation

If someone approaches you and starts a conversation, you may certainly oblige them. But if you’re short on time, do be honest and let them know. Tell them you’d love to talk more, and suggest another time. A nice, short friendly conversation is appropriate: just be sure to follow up.

The same goes if you don’t want to connect with a neighbor in the gym. Good etiquette includes being courteous and respectful. Perhaps you should bring your earbuds and music. It’s an easy signal that you want to work out without talking.

Great Gym Etiquette Guidelines

Follow these basic gym rules to avoid annoying anyone:

  • return free weights where they belong
  • don’t hog the cardio machines (typically most machines have a 30 minute limit unless the room is empty)
  • turn off lights, fans and TVs when not in use
  • wipe off equipment after use


Besides boosting your health, an apartment community gym is a good place to meet your neighbors . . . so you’ll want to ensure you’re on your best behavior as you’re trying to get in your “best” shape. When you work on your manners and leave a good impression at the gym, it could pay off in more ways than just your physique.