Many people in Sri-Lanka, when it comes to purchasing apartments buy the highest floor and get the best view, or to be away from the noise of residents coming and going or talking outside. Another fact is that they think that they will be much safer from the risk of theft.

These all give first-floor apartments a bad reputation. But is it really justified?  If you don’t mind a couple trade-offs, there are many benefits of purchasing apartment on the first floor.


  1. Moving in is much easier

Avoiding stairs/elevators makes moving in much easier. Trying to lug heavy furniture up narrow stairwells is a hassle, even for pros. Elevators may help you move things to upper floors, but they make up for it by being cramped. On the first floor, you don’t have either challenge. There might even be a second entrance, like a patio with sliding doors, which is extraordinary if you have large furniture.

  1. Getting in and out is easier/more convenient

Not having to deal with stairs and elevators is always appealing to the senior population. If you’re shopping for an apartment for a parent or elderly friend, the first floor deserves a serious look. In some states, residents who rely on oxygen are required to live on the ground floor because of the easy access for medications.

  1. Heat is much more bearable than the top floor

Currently the climate in Colombo has become a major problem due to the heat rises. Just think of living in a top floor apartment on a very sunny day, your electricity bill goes through the roof trying to keep the temperature comfortable. Since the heat rising problem, it’ll be much less of an issue living on the first floor.

  1. Lower cost

Many people prefer an upper-level apartment because of the security purposes and view. Choosing the first-floor apartment, means lower demand and possibly become lowest cost when it comes for purchasing an apartments in a complex.

  1. More amenities

To make a first-floor unit more enticing, some managers will put upgraded appliances and other amenities into the unit. This is something to keep in mind when you’re comparing apartments.

  1. No downstairs neighbors

When you live in an upper floor unit of an apartment complex, you will have neighbors below you, hearing your every move. On the first floor, you don’t have to worry about noise from walking about in shoes, moving furniture or letting your kids or friends run around a bit. Hardwood floors intensify this issue, so if you make noise, especially if you have small children, living on the first floor can be worth it just for avoiding conflict with your neighbors.

  1. Proximity to your car or bike

Not having to climb stairs or wait for an elevator is a real blessing, especially after a long day or when coming home with lots of groceries. Did you leave something in your car? Now it’s only seconds instead of minutes to go and get it.

If you enjoy cycling, it’s great to step outside and jump on your bike. Have to store your bike inside your unit? Think of the hassle you save by being at ground level.

  1. Proximity to the mailboxes

If your life is busy, mails comes nearly every day. It’s pretty nice to quickly step out and grab it rather than going up and down stairs.