According to the current statistics, luxury apartments have offered capital gains of Sri-Lanka by 12%-15% year-on-year while rental yields have been 6%-8% per annum. Annually 600 apartments are sold in and around Colombo making Colombo one of the best city to invest in real estate. There is a positive ranking in Colombo as one of the fastest-growing city and one of the most livable city in South Asia boosting demands for properties in Colombo. The property market in Sri Lanka has been growing at a steady pace and according to the UN, Colombo is the most expensive city after Kathmandu in South Asia. Apart from these statistics, the change in the skyline of Colombo and the developments in other major cities and towns around Colombo are clear evidences that the real estate market in Sri Lanka is expanding broadly.

The average floor area of an apartment complex in Greater Colombo area is in the range of 100 to 125 square metres through the studied period and it looks stable than in the Colombo area. The average floor area of condominiums in all the other districts range from 40 to 110 square metres.

According to a research, preliminary planning clearances have been issued to more than 3000 units in Colombo and more than 2000 in greater Colombo. The annual average clearance issued for Colombo was 1600 from 2014 to 2017. The greater Colombo average was 1000 and other districts 450. But in the last two years the average of clearances issued within Colombo has risen to 2100 and greater Colombo and other districts remained at same levels. This facts clearly shows that there is a high demand for apartments in Colombo which makes apartments a best and one of the most suitable area to invest in. Find out the best areas to invest in real estate from ApartmentGuide.LK one of the leading real estate agents available in Sri-Lanka.